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Note: This website is about my work in science education. For information about my work as a composer of music, visit ronmallorymusic.com.


Science Show - Ron Mallory    Though much of my career has been focused around music, astronomy and physics were among my first loves. I spent two years of college as an astrophysics major, and continue to keep up with current research through books, magazines, and online resources. I remain actively involved in science education on both a professional and volunteer basis.

    In spring 2023 I launched a new small business called Ad Astra Planetarium in which I bring my 6-meter mobile planetarium dome to schools, libraries, churches, and other venues for immersive astronomy presentations. Visit the Ad Astra Planetarium website for more information!
    I also offer a non-planetarium science show called "Unexpected Science" for schools, libraries, and children's groups. The show is designed for kids ages 8-12 but can be easily adapted for older or younger students. Topics covered include physics, chemistry, electromagnetism, and more. See below for two sample experiments, as well as a full show:

Contact me if you're interested in booking a show in the greater Wichita area!

For a list of upcoming planetarium and science shows, visit www.aaplanetarium.com/appearances.

    I have often brought my telescopes to "star parties" (nighttime astronomy viewing opportunities) sponsored by the Orange County Astronomers, Seattle Astronomical Society, Kansas Astronomical Observers, and other organizations. Click here for upcoming events by the Kansas Astronomical Observers.

Orion's Belt - March 2021

    I have been pursuing astrophotography since I was a teenager, using both film and digital cameras. I regularly post examples of my work on my science Instagram page and Ad Astra Planetarium Instagram page.

Ron's 8" Newtonian TelescopeRON'S TELESCOPES
    I have built two telescopes of my own design, and have assisted others in telescope projects as well. My telescopes are a 6" f/5.8 Newtonian and an 8" f/6.6 Newtonian, both on modified split-ring equatorial mounts. (I ground the mirror for the 8" myself.)


I am a member of:
The Planetary Society
The International Planetarium Society
The Kansas Astronomical Observers
The Astronomical League

Click here for a link to an article in the Corvallis Gazette-Times mentioning my work in astronomical outreach during the 2017 total solar eclipse.

Click here for a video of the International Space Station astronauts displaying the 2017 winners of a children's artwork contest—including a drawing by my daughter Vivian! In space!

Click here to view a 2023 KSN Wichita news report about my portable planetarium work.


Interested in booking a science show? Looking for astrophotography tips? Want help organizing a star party? Contact me at ron [at] ronmscience.com.

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